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Come and sink a few! Clubhouse bar reopens Wednesday 15th July!

The Bar at Bradford Moor will re-open on Wednesday 15th July at 3.00pm. Until the end of July normal Summer Opening Hours will be used...see our 'Visitors' page for bar hours which are also posted up in the Clubhouse. If opening hours are changed we will update them both on here and on notices in the clubhouse.

The Bar will be complying with all Government restrictions and recommendations so it's going to be a bit different for everybody...the procedures are laid out below and we're sorry it all appears a bit complicated but please bear with us as it'll be easier in practice than it appears on 'paper'! Honest!

Firstly, please note that all Members, Visitors and Guests will have to sign in and leave contact details (for Track & Trace) Any person unwilling to do this will be asked to leave.

There will be a one-way system in operation - entering through the front door and exiting through the lounge fire door either directly through the lounge or via the 19th if you have drinks to collect. Arrows on the floor will direct people through the one-way system. All internal doors will be open or removed. There will be a 'through lane' down the left hand side of the hallway into the locker room and 19th, with anyone queuing to sign in to the bar asked to 'keep right'.

There will be a table at the entrance door to the Bar for everyone to sign in and order and pay for drinks. IF POSSIBLE WE WOULD PREFER ALL PAYMENTS TO BE CONTACTLESS.

You will then head through to the 19th by way of the back corridor where your drinks will be placed on the Bar for you to collect.

Seating within the club will be in the 19th, main lounge and the dining room. Seating availability will be marked on the seats with tape and signs. NO STANDING is permitted anywhere within the club premises unless waiting to order or collecting a drinks order. For members going outside there will be seating on the patio area and painted lines on the ground left and right will direct members on to the grass area where additional seating is available.

The maximum number of people allowed inside the club in the 19th, lounge and dining room will be posted on the front door.

Empty glasses both inside and outside will be collected from your table and should not be returned to the Bar (not that many ever were before...😊).

If you are outside and need additional drinks or to use the toilets you should follow the one-way system coming back in through the front door. If you are seated inside and require further drinks or to use the toilets you can follow the one-way system through the dining room back into the hallway.

With regard to Catering...Sharon will be offering a selection of sandwiches. These can be ordered via a table in the Kitchen entrance passageway which will have a buzzer on it. Under no circumstances are any members allowed in the kitchen area. At this time payment for food will be in cash only. You will need to indicate to Sharon where you are sitting as all food will be delivered to table.

These measures have been put in place to keep all members, visitors and guests safe during the current pandemic and we would ask everyone to respect each other's personal space. Please use the hand sanitisers as they are provided to help keep everybody safe.

We'll keep an eye on how things go and the Committee will review these arrangements at regular intervals and as national restrictions are changed.


Use your common sense! You can go back out the front door when you've collected your gear from the upstairs locker rooms or been to the toilets. Just give each other space in line with social distancing guidelines and give way to people leaving the Clubhouse (which will prevent gridlock inside!)

If you're collecting your golf bag from the downstairs locker room you will need to exit through the lounge and the fire door onto the patio. Just be aware that others may be queuing for drinks and you might have to wait briefly until a clear SAFE path is available to go through the hallway into the lounge.

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