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Ladies - on top of the world at Branshaw

Louise Gartland writes...

For our first Evening League match of the 2021 season we were drawn away at Branshaw.

A truly stunning course near Oakworth, offering fabulous views and some challenging moorland conditions.

It was a darkening evening and already quite shadowy as our first pairing teed off at 17.08, so we were under pressure to win or alternatively to lose quickly.

We all enjoyed our games and the Branshaw ladies were great company.

As we finished we were presented with cakes in the car park as we headed off for home – a lovely gesture at a time where we are not allowed to gather together.


6 points for Bradford Moor ladies

Cath Deighton (23) v Lindy Jowitt (6)

Cath - W 5 & 3

Louise Gartland (24.2) v Sara Moore (18.9)

Louise - W 6 & 4

Bex Dawson (27.2) v Shirley Portlock (28.4)

Bex - W 6 & 4

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