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Bradford Moor 100 Club

The 100 Club was set up in August 2023 to raise funds for Bradford Moor Golf Club to assist with the cost of making course improvements.


Membership is limited to 100 persons over 18 years of age and is for a minimum of one year. 100 Club members are not required to be members of Bradford Moor Golf Club.

Membership Fees

Membership to the 100 club costs £5 per month per number (£60 per year). More than one number can be held at any one time. These fees can either be paid annually or by monthly standing order.



The draw takes place in the clubhouse on the first Monday of each month under the direction of the committee members.

The monthly prizes are:

  • 1st Prize £100 (this will be £80 if not in club for draw and £20 will rollover to next draw)

  • 2nd Prize £50

  • 3rd Prize £25

With one yearly draw in September 2024 then annually with prizes of:

  • 1st Prize £750

  • 2nd Prize £225

  • 3rd Prize £100



Live draw in the clubhouse first Monday of the Month and on our Facebook page, the results are published monthly on the web site & on notices around the clubhouse.

How to sign up There is a list of numbers on the notice board in the Clubhouse - choose an available number then complete an application form (available behind the bar) and return  it to Tony Constable via the clubhouse by 31st Aug 2023 Your payments must start no later than the last day of August 2023.

Any Questions? Contact Tony Constable on 07757 997863.

Please consider joining the 100 club as it is better odds than the national lottery and in doing so you are helping raise vital funds for Course improvements!

And the 100 Club winner for Apr. 2024 is...

Eddie Gray #25

Second prize goes to... 

Darren Bower #59

Third prize goes to.. 

Howard Miller #73

Next draw - Monday 6th May

Please contact Hon. Treasurer, Jonathon Hollowood with your bank details to collect your winnings.

100 Club Terms and Conditions

Click on the PDF logo below to download a copy.

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