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Ball lost or Out of Bounds (not in a penalty area)?

As some confusion has arisen amongst members, the BMGC Committee has offered the following clarification...

“New Rules 2019

Alternative to Stroke and Distance

Please be aware at Bradford Moor GC the additional relief option for a ball lost outside a penalty area or out of bounds has NOT been adopted as a Local Rule and it is therefore not allowed in competitive golf.”

Still; confused? I'll try to explain...the situation is that your ball is lost on the course or out of bounds but not in a penalty area (water, bunker, designated ditch etc.). You can take relief under stroke and distance as previously (i.e. go back to where your 'lost' shot was played and play it again subject to a 1 stroke penalty).

The confusion has arisen because, under the 2019 rules, there is provision for an alternative approach (primarily aimed at speeding up play). This alternative would allow a player to drop in a relief area between the point at which the ball was lost/went out of bounds and the nearest fairway edge for the same penalty (i.e. a way of playing on without having to go back to your original shot position). What you need to know is that this alternative was offered only as an option and had to be adopted by individual golf clubs as a Local Rule in order to be available to players. This is NOT the case at Bradford Moor and so, in competitive golf, your ONLY option for a ball lost on the course (not in a penalty area) or out of bounds is to take relief under stroke and distance as previously.

Go back and hit it properly this time!



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