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Fun was, most definitely, had...

Ladies' Vice Captain, Jayne Rhodes writes...

Having just recently become Vice Captain, after only playing golf on and off for the last few years, due, of course to weather, a back niggle and Covid restrictions, I was asked to organise the Lady Captain's Fun Day in May of this year.

We are a club with only approximately 25 ladies of varying handicaps. I arranged a 9-hole competition encompassing fun activities on each hole instead of adding pressure to our newer, higher handicap ladies to do 18 holes; this in turn allowed us to start together and finish quite closely at the same time.

15 ladies turned up and we started with a putting relay competition in teams, best of 3 and then a singles comp who would then become 'Queen of the Green'!

After this, we were split into groups of 3, with the more seasoned lady golfers as Team Leads and Mentors, ready for the 9-hole individual competition with a twist or two! On Hole 1, for example, you had to play using only your 7 iron - all the way to include putting. Hole 2 had a piece of string to use to get you out of trouble. On Hole 3 you had to choose who would putt for you, but with the score going on your own choose wisely! Hole 6, you could throw your ball at one point if you got into trouble (or even if you didn't), along with the usual longest drive and nearest the pin...and so on.

Coming to the had to choose a particular putting style...choices being "a monkey with his arm in the air" or "a flamingo". Choose the monkey, and you putted one-handed with your other your arm up. Chose the flamingo, and you putt on one leg with the other held up like a flamingo!

The day was well received and very inclusive. It gave our newer ladies confidence, a 'get to know you' day and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

We finished off with a prize giving and food and drinks.

I had asked all the ladies to provide a "Guess Who" of something funny that happened to them either when young or just last week. I read these out, ending with the question "Who is the owner of this guess who?" and of course, the group had to guess who's story it was! This was great fun, brought the group together and each elaborated on the memories of these stories.

Big, big thanks to Iain, Alan, Carol and Phil for helping out with the Fun Day.

All in all, it was a great, fun day to remember!



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