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It's all shiny and new...

Welcome to our fresh-faced new Club website...and, yes, before you start, I know that it looks quite a bit like the old one!

A couple of weeks ago, being the conscientious chap I am, I thought I'd tidy up some stuff as the annual renewal for the hosting of the old site was coming up...I couldn't find exactly what I needed so I rang the support line and spoke to "Mr. Personality" - let's call him MP for short...

Me: Hi...I've got a bit of an issue with the Website Builder software...

MP: That was switched off in January.

Me: Well it's still working here, it's just that I need help with...

MP: Well it shouldn't be!

Me: ...

MP: We wrote to all our clients in November by email

Me: Well I haven't had any emails from you.

MP: Yes you have!

Me: Listen pal....

.......well, you get the idea.

So I've had to find a new hosting company and rebuild the website and this is the result. Whilst I've copied across a lot of the design elements and text it does offer a host of extra stuff that we can use going forward if we want to.

For now I've just used is the rather snazzy way of presenting our course fly-over videos so have a look at that on the Course page. There are two for mobile and tablets and one for laptops and desktops because the really snazzy way of doing it doesn't work on smartphones and tablets as yet.

The second is this News page which is based on blogging software. This means that, unlike the old site, it's really easy to add new articles and...this is the biggy...people other than me can be set up on here to add articles, pictures and videos to this page. If you're interested in getting involved then drop me an email by clicking on my name in the grey box at the bottom of any page on this site or collar me in the bar.


John Wilson

PS In the meantime here's a nonsensical video of some very lucky blokes (and one lady) playing golf...just to show what can be done if fate is on your side...



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